Friday, April 29, 2011

James 1

The Letter of James is nothing if not direct.  And good at it.  And spot on.  A few practical ways in the first chapter of this letter:

  • Consider it nothing but JOY.
  • Let endurance have its full effect
  • Ask God for wisdom
  • Ask in faith, and DON'T DOUBT.
  • Boast in God's raising up from my lowliness. 
  • Don't be deceived. God is not tempting me.
  • Be quick to listen.
  • Be slow to speak.
  • Be slow to anger.
  • Rid self of all sordidness.
  • Welcome the Word.
  • Be Doer of the Word.
  • Care for orphans and widows.
  • Keep unstained by the world.
These are the priorities he outlines for his listeners.  He addresses their circumstances and how to react to them.  He addresses the Source from which they get understanding about their circumstances.  He addresses practical ways of living in order to survive in their circumstances.  That is chapter one.

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