Friday, February 19, 2010

Lenten Readings for Evening

Psalm 35

David sure had alot of enemies.  Or maybe, if I think about it more, maybe he was more willing to name something or someone for what it was and then, and only then, pray for deliverance from what those who opposed his purpose in life threw at him. 

I think too many times we don't know what we're asking God to do. We're not "naming names" of the things that bind us.  We're not admitting that we really need to be delivered at all.  We just want God to make it easy and not really overcome the stuff that confronts us. 

David had real physical, in person, enemies.  His position ~ calling ~ in life made it so.  But the obstacles they put in front of him parallel what we face.  We need to call it what it is and do the work of trusting God to work with us to overcome. 

I used to read these prayers for deliverance and think "oh, I'm not in a battle so this doesn't apply to me".  As far from the truth as anything I've thought that is for sure.  God wants us to name our trials, our obstacles, our enemies (whether they be true human opposition or the things we do to ourselves) and then allow him to do His job of finding a way through, of delivering us. 

David cries (17) out to God "How long?"   I've been there.  Am there.  Sometimes it feels like the hard things just go on and on, and sometimes stuff happens, or is said in anger by someone else, and it feels like so much piling on... what's the use?  Why won't God take care of this for me?  But really... have I named it for what it is?  Am I ready for true justice?  Am I ready for how it might change me?  Or how I might need to be changed for it to happen? 

O LORD, how long?  I am sure I won't like the answer.  He's probably saying to me, "long enough for you to get it". 

Philippians 4:1-9

Rejoice in the Lord always.  Again, I say rejoice.
Let your gentleness be known to everyone.
Don't worry about ANYTHING.
In everything, give thanks.
Let your requests be known to God.

Whatever is true...and honorable...and pure...and pleasing...commendable... if there's anything excellent or worthy of praise, THINK on that.

Do what you've learned. And heard and seen. 

And God's peace which cannot be understood by my wee brain, will guard my heart and mind in Christ.

Is there anything else to say?  THIS is, in a nutshell, how I want to live.

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Anonymous said...

Rejoice in the Lord...always. Even when I'm mad, sad, confused, etc., I should be rejoicing and praising the Lord. It's not rejoice when things are going well and I feel like it. Unfortunately, that is sometimes how I do it. Thanks for your words about David. I hadn't thought about being specific like that and that even David was probably thinking, "Ok, God. Any day now would be good!" and possibly tapping his foot or drumming his fingers while thinking it.