Thursday, October 11, 2007

A Prayer for Autumn

Leaves falling. Daylight diminishing. Cold creeping in.

I pray...

God, I see the cycle of the seasons.
Summer ends and runs into fall,
which gives way to LONG winter,
and then spring.
Autumn is a season of change -
and it reminds me that I are changing too.
Things I used to need I may need no longer.
Help me throw off those things that hold me down,
so I might become something new.
This is a time when there is an explosion of color,
and then it starts to get cold again.
This is part of life.
Help me understand
I cannot live in summer forever.
I cannot be growing
like a garden in the spring all the time.
I am made to change
and this season is part of it.
Let me welcome the change.
Let me see the beauty of your earth
as it prepares to speel in the wintertime.
Let me embrace this time of change and become something new.

~ adapted (to make it more personal) from "The Book of Uncommon Prayer" by Steven L. Case

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